EUROPE COMPOSITE & TECHNOLOGIES is a specialist in the manufacturing of composite (polyester, vinylester, epoxy reinforced with fiberglass or carbon…) parts, sub-sets and equipment for agriculture, transport (bus and coach industry), aeronautics, water, biogas and NRE, city furniture, etc.
ECT runs today 2 industrial facilities, one in Brittany, the other one in Rhône-Alpes, totalizing over 6.000 m² covered, a 2014 Turn Over of more than 4.5 M€ for an average staff of 35.
Each site is equipped with an efficient computer controlled production system, and an engineering department using CAD Solidworks software in order to assist his clients. ECT masters several technologies in the field of thermosetting polymers (open or closed moulds) and quality and ISO 9001 certification is a priority.rité.