PRESTIA is an anti-corrosion coating specialist (Hot Dip Galvanizing + Metal Spray + Painting).

We are specialized in: Hot Dip Galvanising, Spinning, Metal Spray, Liquid Painting, Powder Coating, Duplex System (anticorrosion + esthetics) and dedicated logistics.

Our research department recently developed offshore specific treatment and we have ACQPA and Qualisteelcoat certification.

9 workshops (located in the North-West of France, departments 29, 56, 14, 76, 72).
We have a capacity of 100 000 T/year (Hot Dip Galvanizing).
Zinc bath of 16.5*2.1*3 m, zinc bath of 8.4*1.4*3 m, 2 zinc bathes of 4.5*1.7*3 m. Spinning.
Powder coating furnace 12*3.5*3 m & Liquid Painting 15 * 5 * 5m.
21 Semi trailers